Thursday, March 08, 2007

Holy tennis racket, Andre!

I blogged about the amazing architecture in Dubai before, but, this is just going to amaze you! Flat out - amaze you!

I found this on another really cool blog I ran across today. Yes, I spent quite a bit of the morning blog surfing, thank you very much! Anyway, the blog is called Weirdomatic. How right up my alley is that? Well, if any of them kinfolk o' mine are readin' - they can nod a hearty yes! to that!

The blog is full of weird pictures from around the world and some of them are just incredible!

The post that floored me today is pictures of Andre Agassi playing on the world's highest tennis court!

Do you see it up there? You have GOT to go to the blog and see the rest of the pictures - it's totally awesome!! And you wouldn't catch me dead up there, either! LOL!

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