Friday, March 02, 2007

Flying at sunset

Either I've never flown at this time of day, or it was during my drinking days, when my focus was on the next drink - not the silly splendor out the window!

But let me tell you, it was easily one of the most beautiful things I have EVER seen! I just could not stop looking at it and I don't really know if I can even come close to adequately describing it.

My favorite seat is the window seat about two rows behind the wing. I like to be able to see the wing as a sort of frame of reference, so I can truly see the fun of the 'roller-coaster' and also so that I can more fully understand, as I take in the beauty, that I am thousands of miles up in the air. When I am not on a wing, I 'kind of' forget that - it is such a pretty sight, but, the wing helps to put that bit of 'reality into it - so I truly know what's going on. Not sure if that really makes sense - but, I just like my wing, ok? Heehee

Anyway, so I was lucky enough to get the 'perfect' spot on the way out to Dallas, and things were looking cool out the window - and I don't remember if this happened slowly, quickly - or if maybe I looked away for awhile and then looked back, but, at any rate - the sky was suddenly this incredible splash of color - and you know exactly what colors I mean! Roy G. Biv - he is such a cool guy, isn't he?

And beautiful, too! Heehee - red orange yellow green blue indigo violet - painted on the most giant wall I have ever seen - I really couldn't believe it, it was so beautiful that I was almost in tears (although given the circumstances for the flight...) and I was also speechless ( now my family can tell you that's something!)

I swear, it was like a drug, whenever I looked at it, I was filled with this intense warmth and I just sighed really hard.

I have climbed mountain peaks, and that is a sight to see. (No, I haven't climbed a 14er, but, I have done some pretty good climbs.) And I was totally and completely BLOWN AWAY by this.

It was like a Mexican restaurant for giants - you know how they are usually so colorful? Or a hippie, vegetarian restaurant/yoga center for giants. But if you will just picture the biggest, I mean BIGGEST wall possible - and someone comes along and paints Roy G. Biv in blending rows across it horizontally - and then adds some fluffy, white pillows on the floor up against it...

That was it. And it was amazing, so very amazing.

I didn't get to pick my time that I flew, because of the way that I bought the ticket, but, boy did I need that emotional fuel to make it through the difficult trip ahead.

I bet God planned it like that - it was an emotional gift from him to help me get through.

Yep - it was definitely a God deal.

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