Monday, February 12, 2007

Work From Home Facts

Work From Home Facts is a very organized site full of information on getting a job from home, or starting a business from home!

I love the clean, orderly look it has. My eyes don't get distracted and confused - they flow easily over the page.

There is another site similar to this, and my eyes just get so confused looking at their homepage, and I'm not really where to start.

When I was first starting to look online for work, I was really confused about what was out there to do, and also about what I wanted to do.

However, on the home page of Work From Home Facts, they have something really simple, and yet, very helpful for someone who is just getting started:

  • I would like to get paid in PayPal for performing tasks for companies. Click here.
  • I would like to work from home, as an independent contractor. Click here.
  • I've heard about the Paid Surveys, and I would like to learn more. Click here.
  • I believe the real money is in owning my own home business. Click here.
Those bullet points would have really helped me see clearly what was available in simple terms, and help me think about what exactly it was that I wanted to do.

I haven't made the 'click here's' clickable, I'll let you go to the site and explore around.

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