Thursday, February 15, 2007

Weight loss

Well, I haven't gotten very far on my weight loss, and it seems that just as soon as I make some progress, I have a setback and wind up just where I was, or worse - even bigger!

Last summer, I bought some diet pills, and I really like the energy I get from them, but, so far I haven't had much luck losing weight with them. There is so much caffeine in them and a lot of days I can't take them because my stomach is a little haywire - and I know that the caffeine would make it worse.

So it has taken me this long to get through the bottle. I only have one pill left. There are a lot of Free Diet pill programs online, where you only pay shipping. I might try one of those, but, I'm not totally sure.

The diet pills are so much about 'being on a diet' and I would much rather have a healthier lifestyle than temporarily 'be on a diet'.

But I do love the energy boost!


my musings said...

Lisa, You might want to be careful on the free diet pills. Once they get your credit card info for the shipping, they continue to send you diet pills monthly. If you decide you don't like the pills, you have to go to the trouble of canceling, and sometimes it's hard to find the phone number. At least that's been my experience. Sharon

Lisa said...

Oh, I hate it when companies are like that!

Thanks for the tip!!