Thursday, February 15, 2007

Weight loss

Well, I haven't gotten very far on my weight loss, and it seems that just as soon as I make some progress, I have a setback and wind up just where I was, or worse - even bigger!

Last summer, I bought some diet pills, and I really like the energy I get from them, but, so far I haven't had much luck losing weight with them. There is so much caffeine in them and a lot of days I can't take them because my stomach is a little haywire - and I know that the caffeine would make it worse.

So it has taken me this long to get through the bottle. I only have one pill left. There are a lot of Free Diet pill programs online, where you only pay shipping. I might try one of those, but, I'm not totally sure.

The diet pills are so much about 'being on a diet' and I would much rather have a healthier lifestyle than temporarily 'be on a diet'.

But I do love the energy boost!
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