Friday, February 09, 2007

This hippie loves sandals!!

If I could get away with wearing sandals everywhere, all the time - I most surely would!

In fact, sometimes, I'll go weeks wearing nothing but my 'happy flops'! (My 'happy flops' are cheap Birkenstock knock-offs.) If it gets a little cool out, I just put socks on with them.

Yes, I am one of those sandals and socks freaks. That's okay, I can handle it - being classified as a weirdo is certainly nothing new to me!

I just love to be barefoot, and if I can't be barefoot - sandals are the next best thing! And I would love to have a really nice pair - not the Target knock-offs!

I really like these women's Chaco sandals - they look so wonderfully comfy! I probably couldn't wear socks with those, though.

And I see people of all ages wearing Crocs sandals - and they say they are so amazingly comfortable - very squishy! We have an aunt and an uncle who are always in their Crocs!!

And this site has lots of reef sandals - there is a pink one that I really like! Although, I'm not sure if I could handle the between-the-toe thing.

I love sandals, I love 'happy shoes', and I love to keep my feet happy!


mrscrumley said...

I love my Chacos and my Crocs. Both were gifs. I use my Crocs all the time, and can't wait until spring when I can be comfortable in my Chacos.

Great post!

Lisa said...

Why, thank you, Mrs. Crumley!! :)

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Mary said...

I recently linked to your blog and I was wondering if you would do the same for me. It is,