Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spy to keep them safe

That will be my mantra where it concerns my children and their online activities.

And I'll tell you why - because of the web that perpetrators draw children into - and the children don't even realize that they are being drawn in.

I have told my children repeatedly, if they expect to have internet priviliges, then they should also expect to have Momma all up in their business.

I was watching Oprah yesterday, and she talked about that 'preparation' time the perps engage in, and she called it 'seducing', but she had an expert there from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and he said that the perps actually have their own term for that.

Sick. And I can tell you that I know first hand what that is like. And I can also tell you that I had no clue it was happening.

And that is what is so scary about the internet. The abuse that I endured happened long before the internet. Now we are inviting all these scumbags into our living rooms. And we have to be careful - and watch for all the signs.

One way to do this is with spy software - it can record every single thing that the children do on the computer.

My boys play an online RPG, and it has a chatroom with it, and I constantly walk up and ask them, "Ok, what are they talking about now?" ....because they assure me that the only thing that is ever talked about in there is the game. But I constantly bug them about it.

Some freak could be 'working' them and they wouldn't even know it - because these guys are so friggin' smooth with the kids, you know? They totally brainwash them.

So spying? Yes, I will be doing that!

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