Monday, February 05, 2007

SEO for my business

I have been learning all that I can and working on SEO (search engine optimization) for my business website,

I have gotten to the number three spot in Google, at times, for one keyword string. That was so exciting to watch my site and my business get that high up in Google, but, that was not a popular enough search string to generate enough business.

So I am trying to learn more and grow my site more. It can be very complicated and involved, though. I would really love to have a company that specializes in this stuff help me out. That would be so cool!

...looks like they would be a good Search engine optimization firm to go with, as they have a staff of 33 computer scientists and 3 cryptologists and they have an ethical results warranty. That is so important, because you have to be careful when choosing someone to help out with your SEO, so that you know they are using acceptable techniques.

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