Friday, February 09, 2007

Jewish dating site

I think it's really neat that there are so many different types of dating sites on the net today.

It's great to meet people that are different from you, but, sometimes it's cool to hang out with people of a similar mindset, too.

This site for Jewish Personals is pretty neat. It looks like they are going to have a free membership and a paid membership, but, for now - you can join for free, and the first 5000 members will have FULL access to the site.

They have a feature called The Little Black Book - that's cute! It is kind of like befriending someone on MySpace - whoever is in your Little Black Book, and has authorized your friendship - you all will have special access to parts of each other's profiles, like your private photos.

And they even have a page full of helpful articles, such as, Mixing Jewish Religion and Dating, and Jewish Holidays and What they Mean.

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