Thursday, February 08, 2007

Awesome blogging advice

I meet a lot of nice bloggers and even moreso since joining PayPerPost. And I am learning so much from them!

Today there was a fabulous post by a great gal named Kat, of at the PayPerPost forums.

She was explaining how to get your Google page rank up:
Content is king, links are queen.
Fill your sites with rich content, not just filler 1 paragraph posts.
Link to other sites and blogs at least once a day to increase your outgoing links.
People will see those hits on their sites, and hopefully link back to you as courtesy.
Controversial posts tend to bring people in. Blog about news, politics etc. Got a gripe with a store/business/school in your area? Let 'em have it on your blog. Chances are, other people have too and when they go googling that place, they will find you.
Submit your site to search engines. Submit your blog to googles blog engine found here; (I actually ping this after every post)
Use pinging services such as Pingoat found here; (I ping this after every post too)
Submit your site to technorati. Get the technorati button so people can add you to their faves.

Best of luck to ya! Cool

I thoroughly enjoyed the short, sweet, to the point helpfulness of this post!

And I am so glad I am meeting so many great bloggers and learning so much from them!

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kat said...

Glad you find it useful. It's served me well in 9 years of blogging.