Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It is a beautiful day!!

Although it's been rather chilly, we sure have had some lovely days lately.

Puppy has been such a trooper taking his medicine for his ears, and one of his treats for taking it is we go out in the front yard for a little while. It's so cute, too - because he knows after I put the drops in that we are gonna go out. He gets all excited and runs back and forth between me and the front door. He knows I need to clean the dropper, so he is half patiently waiting, and half excitedly pacing -- so cute!

So we just came in from sitting out there and it is so nice out. I took my fresh cup of coffee with me - yes, in the Hippie Spelunker cup - of course! And I sat out on the front steps while he sniffed all around the yard and then lied down in the shade.

And it is times like these that I realize that I am glad that we moved out here. It is so pretty and although we are in town, it is way more rural than Dallas, TX!!!!!

The gigantaloid, beautiful trees - the mountains in the distance (only a few miles away!) - the big, beautiful sky....

I wished all my life, especially as a young girl, to live in a small town - and I finally got my wish. Granted, it is 700 miles from some pretty damn important people - and so that makes it extremely bittersweet. But now Mark is with his important people - and that is good. And it is good for the kids to get to be with their dad's side of the family. I also always wished for that as a child.

I had so much fun with my paternal cousins, and I wished that we could've spent at least part of our childhoods together.

But - I digress....I was talking about the beautiful day....

Funny, but, it almost seemed like spring out there. Yes, it's still cold - but, the sunniness (like my new word?) and bright hopefulness out there sure seemed springish! (I'm just full of new words today!)

I hope you're having a pretty day wherever you are, too!

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