Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Ultimate Showdown

Emoze has challenged Blackberry to an ultimate showdown to see who can provide users with their calendars, contacts, and emails the fastest!

They also say they are the easiest and most secure - and they are a completely free service! Imagine that!

Emoze is owned by the Emblaze group, and their mission is to make electronic messaging completely mobile.

I have to say that sounds mighty good - I am frequently jealous of my mom and my brother with their mobile internet access. I emailed my brother one day, and he emailed me right back, saying he was stuck in an airport. And we were able to email back and forth for a while, just having a lovely email conversation. It was really cool.

Among others, it supports Motorola - and that is what my phone is! How cool!

This is sounding better and better as I read up on it!

You can Download Emoze Free Today

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