Sunday, January 14, 2007

Horse Rescue, Relief, and Retirement

There is a great organization about two hours from my home that provides just that for horses - rescue, relief, and retirement.

They are the HRRRF, the Horse Rescue, Relief, and Retirement Fund, Inc. - and they are a 501c3 non-profit organization.

I actually went looking for another horse rescue organization that I have been wanting to tell you about, and had trouble finding it - but, the minute I saw this website - I knew it was a place for me. They have in the top corner of their home page and image of a horse with wings - I immediately thought of angels - horse angels - helping out the troubled and neglected and abused horses. You could say they meant pegasus, but, as I am obssessed with angels, and as the people involved are angels - I say it is a horse angel. So there!

And the fact that they are so much closer to me is very cool, too!

And they have this beautiful quote on their home page, as well:

The Horse
Here is nobility without conceit. Friendship without envy.
Beauty without vanity.
A willing servant, yet no slave.

Isn't that just beautiful - I love it!

Through the HRRRF, you can adopt a horse, or sponsor a horse. Or you can send in donations through their donation buttons, found here.

Or you can shop in their store. They have that wonderful Beddy Bear that you heat in the microwave to soothe and comfort your child on a chilly night - or even an adult. I knew someone that had one, and they just absolutely loved it! They also have some nice shirts and some lovely prints. I think I'm going to get the blue shirt.

It would be awesome if I could go out there and volunteer - I just might have to find a way to make that work!

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