Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My sweet trumpeteer

I realize that this is not the best picture (because it's so dark), but, if you'll just bear with me a minute and hear me out - you'll see where I'm coming from!

(It's a mom-thing, you might get it, you might not!) heehee

I just absolutely love this pic! First off, the just-kind-of-interesting thing, is his sunken-in cheek. I have wondered since he started playing if, and when, that was going to happen.

And I suppose it has - and I just don't notice while he's playing. So I just found that interesting.

Then - the really sweet thing - his hands (or, hand, in this case) - they look so handsome when he's playing. He got his father's handsome hands and they just look so lovely when he's playing and I think this shot perfectly portrays that.

Or maybe just cements it in my mind - helps me remember. Because I guess you can't see them all that well. But you know how when you see a picture of something you witnessed - it is more like looking at a picture in Harry Potter's world - it is moving in your mind's eye?

Well - that's it - I can look at this picture and 'see' his adorable hands working those buttons (are they called buttons? music buffoon here) and I just love it!

And - it is, after all, a somewhat artsy picture....

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