Monday, January 29, 2007

My blogging friends ROCK!

So I met this really sweet blogger named Eve and one of her blogs is all about working from home - different ways to do it and make it work. The blog is Home Biz Blogger.

And once a week, she features a new home biz - and it is aptly called The Featured Home Biz of the Week.

Well, I was lucky enough to be chosen with my personalized letters for children biz, My Very Own Mail. Then she follows it up a few days later with an interview. (Normally, that is. Last week she had some internet connection issues, so things got slowed down. No biggie.)

You can see my original featured post here:
Featured Home Biz of the Week - My Very Own Mail

And now you can see the interview that she and I did here:
Featured Home Business - My Very Own Mail Interview

Thank you so much, Eve - for giving me the chance to share with everyone all about my home business! You rock!

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