Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Is Tigger a meanie?

Have you heard the buzz about Tigger?

That he might be a meanie?

I have been reading the articles, blog postings, and forum threads on the Tigger episode, and I am kind of on the fence.

But I think I might be about to step off onto one side ...as I think it looks like Tigger was defending himself from a kid who was trying to mess with him.

See - supposedly Tigger just up and punches this kid - out of nowhere. And the family is pissed - and an investigation has been launched over it.

A lot of people say it looks like the kid was messing with Tigger, and Tigger starts to fall backwards as a result of it, and in an effort to catch himself, he punches the kid.

I just rewound and replayed the thing several times in immediate succession, trying to get a feel for the thing.

And this is my new theory that I am pretty sure I am sticking with - I think the kid was messing with him, or his costume, and Tigger reaches to stop the kid from messing with him. And well, in that clumsy outfit, accidentally punches him - when he was only trying to block the kid's hands from messing with the costume.

And there has been speculation that whatever the kid was doing was cutting off Tigger's air supply, as well. And if that's true - well, you know, I kind of like breathing.

Watch the video yourself - and tell me what you think:

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