Friday, December 15, 2006

This just isn't my week for good health!

Well, first off that sickness I had was a tummy bug with a fever...yuck!

So, of course, you don't really eat for a few days and then barely for a few days after that.

Only now, I seem to have more roadblocks to proper nutrition!

I have two GIGANTALOID fever blisters (Yes! I said two - at once!) on my bottom lip, then traveling further into what could be my nutritional depository....I have a fever blister that is very sore on the front side of my tongue that keeps getting in the way, bitten, you name it!.....then, traveling even further into the system that is supposed to sustain me, I have a sore throat!

Geez! It's like Fort Knox of the Belly! Forget about eating!

My (unhealthy) mind keeps telling me, this is a good thing - a great kick start to a diet - we haven't been eating for a week almost, this is great!

No, dummy! With a situation like this - the body goes into starvation mode, etc, know the damn drill...I'm too malnourished to explain it all - you actually have to EAT to lose weight!

So I keep going in the kitchen looking for something that won't hurt so much going in, and actually sounds appetizing and might be some good energy food for me and my body and my brain....with very little success.

I did manage to get a whole bagel down this morning - that was impressive - it did, however, take me two hours - LOL!

I suppose after a little while I'll scramble a few eggs, that will be nice and soft and protein-packed.

I did find this yummy frozen fruit bar, that I am able to eat little nibble by little nibble.

Ah well.

I may be malnourished, but, I did manage to assemble twenty-four My Very Own Mail December packages. Well, almost - all I have left to do is stick the letters in and seal them. But they are practically ready to go - that is a great relief - and I will send them out tomorrow morning. I always picture the little monster's faces as I am doing the final packaging, and every time, it NEVER fails, I get so excited - butterflies in my stomach at the thought of all these little munchkins finding this wonderful package in the mail. I guess that is what keeps me doing it.

Because Lord knows it's not paying any bills. LOL It basically pays for itself. I don't know - maybe I get a little gas money out of it here or there.

I only had white paper this month, that was a bit of a downer - except that meant that you could see the graphics really well.

And on the younger children's letters, for the top graphic, I put a PINK gingerbread house - it is so cute! OH! I could show you....

Isn't that cute??? I love it! And whenever I put graphics on the colored paper - you don't get the full effect of it, you know? So that is the one good thing.

I mean, I did have some colored paper, but, not any that were appropriate for Holidays...none that I thought would work, anyway.

Ok, I get sick, and I get malnourished, and I get boring. Sorry.


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