Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The sting of my tears... nothing compared to what some of God's precious creatures endure at the hands of some 'humans'. I'm so upset I can barely type, I keep having to hit backspace!

I got this email from my mother today:

Subject: [ACT] Anti-Fur Story Tonight on CBS Affiliates -8 PM & 10 PM - Please cross post

Tonight, the local CBS affiliate will run a story that evolved out of the recent Sean Combs/Faux Fur incident. Randy Turner/Texas Humane Legislation Network and Lou Guyton/HSUS each did an excelent job on very short notice.

Please email your commendations to Kimberly Ball/Reporter and the station after the story airs, as follows:

8 PM on Channel 21. Contact info:
10 PM on Channel 11. Contact info:

The station will focus on the fact that consumers are being defrauded into buying canine fur, when they thought they were buying a synthetic. In effect, the consumer is being forced into complicity with those who skin animals alive.

I supported this story angle, because I believe that the average person would not buy fake fur if s/he knew it wasn't synthetic and/or about the atrocities in the fur industry.

We want local media to know animal stories are valued by the viewing public. My thanks to all who email the station. Margaret

P.S. Graphic footage of the true nature of how fur is torn from the backs of living beings may be viewed on Please send a link to all your friends. I promise you that after watching this film, only the truly evil will ever again turn a blind eye to the wearing of fur.

Obviously, your channels will be different, and maybe your times - this message is from Dallas, but, hopefully is not exclusive to Dallas. I am definitely going to try to watch it.

And I am definitely enraged enough not to have to subject myself to the video footage on the HSUS site - if you can handle it, though - I would definitely suggest you watch it. I know that it would just freak me out too much!

I did, however, go to their site and read the article about P.Diddy - who I am now officially a fan of!!!!!!

Seriously, how can you be human and carry through with an action like that? I cannot begin to fathom it...

It is mind-boggling.

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