Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So the Universe has a listening problem!

Yep! The Universe didn't do a very good job of listening!

I spent all day Monday tending to two sick Grannies - and accompanying animals...a shrimpy little dog and two horses, who would've otherwise been ignored - gathering meds for the sickos, just whatever they needed.

And, if you will recall - I specifically told the Universe that I was to be granted immunity from said illness. Think super-powered nurse here....


No such luck.

I came home Monday night feeling a bit off and went to bed very early, only to awaken in the wee hours puking my little guts out!


Yesterday was TERRIBLE!! Truly TERRIBLE!! Even wound up with a 103degree fever!

I still feel pretty rotten today, but, nowhere near as horribly as I did yesterday!

I have, however, missed my self-imposed deadline for the December My Very Own Mail package - the Not Your Typical Santa Letter. I wanted to get them all mailed out on Monday, but, I guess Thursday will be the newly-appointed day. I just got on to check email, blog a bit, and now I'm starting to feel weak again, so I don't think I even have it in me to assemble the packages, much less head out to the post office and wait in that godforsaken line we are blessed with, because our new postmaster will only let one employee work the desk! Grrr! I can see myself passing out waiting in that line! Yikes!

Well, anyway, I just hope to God the kids and Mark don't get it! That was some horrible stuff - I felt like HELL!!!

I am, however, getting to catch up on my Reader's Digests - I had gotten a few months behind. LOL

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