Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sammie and Granny

Oh man! Sammie feels sick! Darn Darn Darn - I hope and pray she doesn't get that tummy bug that Granny, and MIL and I had!!!

She felt like throwing up when she went to bed, but she couldn't - and I felt her and she felt warm, and she did not look well at all. She all of a sudden was pale with dark circles under her eyes. I guess it could've come on gradually and I just didn't notice.

Oh Lordy - I hope she doesn't have it!

Well, anyway, we went over to see Granny tonight to give her some Christmas hugs and love because she is going to Texas in the morning over the holidays. It is always so nice to go over and sit over there - she is such a great grandma - just makes you feel loved and cozy.

Her going to Texas makes me nervous - she almost died a couple of months ago, was in the hospital for almost a month, and now she is just getting over this stomach bug, and she is gonna fly to Texas.

Travelling - exhausting and hard on an 83 year old woman. Planes - she says never bother her, but, her doctor says are no good for her.

But all of that right after being sick? I'll just be glad when she gets back!

And back to Sammie - I know that Granny and MIL and I are too far out from having the virus to have given it to Sammie, but, I wonder if there was some speck of germ in Granny's house that she maybe picked up...


She very easily could have gotten it from school - this thing is going around.

If she has it - I sure hope she doesn't.

Prayers for Sammie and Granny!

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