Friday, December 15, 2006


Tomorrow, although it is Saturday, I have to get up bright and early - and get my monsters up, as well!

My monsters are SUPERSTARS tomorrow! They are all three in a concert tomorrow - how cool is that? Even though they are in 4th, 6th, and 7th grades, they will all be performing.

Not exactly together, but perhaps one after the other, I'm not really sure how it works.

Sammie will be singing with the choir, Shawn will be playing his trombone with the 6th grade band, and Patrick will be playing his trumpet with the 7th grade band.

It almost feels like Mark and I should be doing something as well - LOL!

I just think that is so neat that they are all performing at the same concert - very cool!

It is actually supposed to be a pancake breakfast, too, but, that part of it, we just learned yesterday - got cancelled. What a bummer - at least if they're going to get us up early on Saturday, they could feed us pancakes, right? Oh well, I guess they didn't get enough pre-sold tickets and had to cancel it.

I will still be really weepy-proud to have all three of my children performing. I only wish that my family were here to go to it, too. When we lived in Texas, they always came for stuff like this. So that part really makes it bittersweet. Majorly.

For all of my children's lives, they have basically had six parents. Mark and I, my mom and dad, and my bro and his wife. The village thing, I guess. Or maybe more like the Walton's.

Crap! I did have the Walton's - all along! Dammit! I ripped four of their parents out of their lives....ugh - ok, now I'm gonna get sad. It's just that all of this parenting stuff, especially the joys, triumphs, proud moments were ALWAYS shared with six people - or some mix of us, and often all of us, when schedules permitted.

And I miss those darn guys so much I can't stand it. Speaking of, my sister-in-law sent me a pic of my nephew tonight - his very first ever school picture! I almost didn't open it, because it stung so much just reading the subject of the email....

..but, I'm glad I did open it. He looked like a smooth-talkin' ladies man - so cute! They, of course, posed him and did strange stuff with their lighting. So it doesn't totally portray my Scooter Pie...which I think made it a bit less painful.

But darn! He's cute!!!! You 3 year old girls out there better watch out!

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