Thursday, December 14, 2006

My boy is off to Atlanta for the day!

Or, as they say around here: Hotlanta! I've even heard it called, "the ATL" Haha!

The sixth grade class took chartered buses to Atlanta this morning to go and see "A Christmas Carol" at the Alliance Theater.

I had to get him to school by 6:30am - was that hard? NO! Silly boy was so excited he woke up at 1:52am!! He said he dozed off and on after that...crazy kid!

My alarm went off at 5am, as it usually does...and I am wandering through the dark house with Puppy at my side, as I usually do....when WHAMMO! I run into a kid!

Geez Louise! I never, I mean, NEVER, see kids up at this hour! Scared me half to death!!

He's totally awake, no sleepy-kid-face, and happy and grinning, "Hi Mom! I woke up at 1:52am!"

Well, bless my bippy! Let your poor ol mom get a hold of herself there, son! LOL

Mark had given him a little cash to buy some snacks, so we left a few minutes early and stopped at the Grub Mart to buy some junk, and then went on to the school, where we find, waiting in the parking lot - two Trailways buses. And you know that's an exciting site for a kid. I remember those moments as a kid - excited and happy butterflies in your stomach just at the site of those behemoth buses! Very cool, indeed!

I walked him in, sat with him and his friends for a few minutes, and spoke with his teacher for a bit. They actually had photo ID cards for every kid! How cool is that? I was really impressed with that!

As I was driving home, I recalled that last year, as we were thinking about our move here, and looking up everything online, we noticed that the 6th graders went to Atlanta. And we thought that was really cool. (I was so hoping that they had some cool stuff for 6th grade here, as Patrick had an excellent sixth grade year in Texas, and you know how they compare and get sad when they think one of them had it better!) And I realized that somehow, someway, we've fast-forwarded to now...and we're here...and Shawn is going to Atlanta with the sixth graders! And I started to cry!

And then I immediately changed the subject in my brain - I was not in the mood for any crying - this week has been hard enough!

And I don't know if I'm getting used to their going off without me, or if certain events seem to be handled with more care and concern for each child - but, I really haven't felt the typical fear that would go along with an event like this for me.

That's refreshing. That fear can be nauseating. Sort of odd, but, the absence of that fear makes me afraid that I'll become, or have become, too detached from it all, and that I won't have enough of the fear to keep my kids safe.

Man - just plain motherhood can be nauseating sometimes!

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Jules said...

For me it was such a big difference between my first born and my second. With the first one I was sick to my stomach sending him to half-day kindergarten. By the time my youngest went I was just glad to get half of a day for myself. In fact I secretly wished kindergarten was an all day event. LOL!