Saturday, December 23, 2006

Great source for online coupons

I just love online shopping when you can find great coupons!

One great place to find these is CouponChief - they have tons of merchant options!

I have a personalized letters for children business, and I am constantly having to shop for supplies and mostly I do that online.

When children are subscribed to my service, once a month they receive a personalized letter from me, in which I tell them about a great book and strongly encourage them to read, making sure they know that it is fun and awesome, not just a chore! The children also receive easy-to-do crafts and fun goodies.

I buy all of the crafts and most of the goodies at Oriental Trading Company, and there are some great coupons for them at!

And I buy business cards, '#1 Reader' magnets, and pencils at and they have great coupons for them, also!

One time I even found a coupon for free shipping on the free business cards - so I payed $0.00 for 250 business cards - it was awesome!!

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