Saturday, November 18, 2006

Word mutilation ahead....

Oh my goodness gracious! My poor grammar-lovin' heart is a 'bleedin!!!

My darling son brought home a test in language arts. He got a perfect score on said test.

The test, more specifically, was on pronoun vocabulary.

Ugh....I'm cringing just thinking of sending this out into the blogosphere, out into the universe, information that could, in one fell swoop, kill a librarian.

The horror!

As I said, the child received a 100 on this test. When asked to list two reflexive pronouns, he listed 'ourselves' (good, good...) and *cringe* 'hiself'.

My eyes are hurting looking at that and my fingers are all cramped up and in disbelief that I would go so far as to make them type such drivel.

My husband has always used this 'word', which we all know is not really a 'word', and I distinctly remember threatening him before our first child went to school.

"If this boy comes home and the teacher has admonished him for using that 'word', I WILL KILL YOU!"

And actually, after 14+ years with this man, I must admit (before my mother comments it ;) love you, Momma!) that the 'word' has fallen from my lips once or maybe even twice.

Oh, the hairs on the back of my neck...they not standing up, they ache!

I'm ruined, completely ruined - this man has ruined me!

However, back to the darling offspring. Now, one could surmise, quite easily, really - that this was merely an oversight. Our precious teachers are pushed and pushed and so overworked, that a 'miss' here or there is only to be expected. Or - one could just say, as my hubby did - "Well, we do live in Alabama now. That is a word in Alabama."

Now my neck is cramping up.

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