Sunday, November 19, 2006

So the 'baby' is no longer a 'baby'

My precious little baby girl went and turned 10! How could she do this to me?

She getting so 'young-ladyish' - even in spite of me and my 'unladylike' ways - this 'ladyness' is just so natural to her. It is really an amazing thing to watch grow and blossom in front of you.

But she really should have just stayed five. Not totally a baby, but, still a baby. I suppose I'll just have to steal my nieces for a day or two and get this whole munchkin thing out of my system.

Because none of my angels are munchkins anymore. I'm not sure how that is possible, since I am just out of my teens, myself. Strange....

Anyhoo - this precious young lady, whom I am blessed enough to call my daughter, just had two birthday parties. One for the family - a quick impromptu, school night family gathering. And one with three of her friends - a sleepover party.

Included are some of the pics - the two cakes, the guests (well, scratch that one - I haven't asked the girls' mothers - I forgot, this is the web....very cute and funny pic of them, though - with Sammie on one of the girl's shoulders...ah well....) the silliness - and a very precious pic of Sammie with her Great-Grandmother, Sybil.

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Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart the first picture is her with Alabama family instead of us. I miss you all so much.