Thursday, September 28, 2006

What?! You got a problem with my pictures?!

Ok, ok, I know - one of them is blurry!

So strange, because, I don't normally get blurry pics from the digital camera.

I just wanted to get that post set up, though - I'll replace the pic today when the monster returns from school!

And I will add pics of the shiny, new instruments - maybe even with their players attached to them!

And I'll add pics of Sammie's newly-pierced ears.

And maybe I can catch one of Lucky languishing in the back yard - it is the funniest thing - he lies on his side, arches his back, and rubs the side of his head on the ground like I have just put him to bed in his oh-so-comfortable and very favorite bed!

It's like he and this yard were meant to be!

So - I suppose - if for nothing else - we came here for Lucky to have his yard! LOL!

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