Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Patrick is a ...a ...a ...t - t - t - t.....

My precious first-born child..

It wasn't but just the other day that he and I spent the
long, lazy days of the end of the summer
together - just he and I....

He was my squishy little Raggedy Andy - just the most relaxed, laid-back little baby ever!

And now look - playing the trumpet (for the second year!) - going to high school (granted, we don't have a middle school) - turning 13 - voice deepening....


Where's PittyPatty?

Where has he gone?

He's been replaced by this dude - who is just .... "Too Kewl for School!"

He sure is a handsome devil, though!

Pic update - replaced the blurry one... And boy, oh boy - is he the King of the Sullen Teens - or what?! Well, hell - he oughta be - he's been practicing since he was an infant slouching in the stroller! I swear! Mom and I both thought he looked like a half-stoned teen in the stroller at 2 months old - so funny! And he's always kinda had that 'slouch-thing' -- got it from his pop!

Ok, so then he had to turn his bday re-take into a mug shot - what better way to please a teen then a mock mug?!

Then we decided to move away from the bday sign - and do it up real good! Har! Those pics deserve their very own post!


Belle said...

Happy late birthday to your sons! Thanks for stopping by earlier. I was going to blogroll this site a while back, but could not remember the url for some reason.

Lisa said...

Double thanks, Belle!

Appreciate it! *big-ol-smiley*