Friday, October 05, 2012

Weddings and Family and Such

My kids have gotten older, so much older. *le sigh* My boys just had a birthday and turned 18 and 19. My 18 year old keeps saying, "Mom, you have two adults!" He does it because he likes to watch me tear up and get all wishy washy sad and talk about how they were just babies and then they were just my little guys and then start sobbing. Evil child, he is.

And my daughter will be 16 in about a month. This all really just blows me away. But I was thinking recently that it would be really cool to watch our wedding tapes with them now. Maybe not all the way through, but, look at them, at least. We haven't done so since they were itty bitty.

Problem? They are on VHS and we don't have a working VCR in the house. I really need to get those things changed over to disc. I was thinking, however, it would be really fun to see how this whole noisy, tall, rambunctious family got started.

It's so weird to think of a time when our kids weren't on the planet. They really are so awesome and though our family is rambunctious and yes, even quite grumpy at times, we just love our kids so much and we are so grateful for them. They amaze us with their talents and their smarts and their adorableness. Hey, come to think of it, are you sure they're ours? Ha!

And it all started with a wonderful, pink, and lovely backyard wedding!

Here's a very interesting infographic from Moissanite:

A Brief History of Weddings |
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