Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fourth Of July Crafts

I've been seeing some really cute July 4th crafts being talked about and demonstrated online so I thought I would share a few with you. It's always fun to get the kids involved in the decorating. It's even cooler when the decorating is an activity in itself - like a craft project!

4th of July Uncle Sam Hat

This looks really cute and pretty easy to do, as well. So I think kids of all ages can participate. The littler ones may have to just help out with the decorating, but, it is definitely not a craft that completely leaves them out. I like that.

Statue of Liberty Crown 

For this one, the kids will definitely need some help, but, it is so cute that it is totally worth it! I think they'll love it!

Fourth of July Centerpiece Decoration

I love the sand centerpiece in this video, but, I'm not really a fan of the second one that is shown. I just don't think it looks all that pretty.

And if you'd like a way easier centerpiece that is still really cute - and inexpensive - check out this post at Wooden Spoon: DIY 4th of July Table Centerpiece for $8 I really want to make that one! I love how the ribbon looks in the jar!

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