Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Savings.com - Mega Site For Savings

This post is brought to you by Savings.com. Savings.com is a monster site! I've been exploring on there for over an hour and I'm nowhere near finished! They have some very cool features there! 

I love shopping online and I absolutely love online coupons, savings, coupon codes, you name it! So I was excited to get to check out this site and tell you all about it.  The first thing, the very first thing, that I noticed ...was the logo! I really, really like their logo and the connecting/continuing background.  The text is like one connected string and in various places the string makes different pictures after the word.  You can see it here a little bit, but, you'll have to go to the site to see what I mean about the groovy pictures that are connected to it. Love the look and feel of it, though.

A major plus is that there are tons and tons and tons of retailers and their accompanying discounts and/or coupons listed.  That should definitely be said.  But there are many other things, also, that really made me like this site, the first of which is the community and the way that Savings.com embraces the community.

Once you join the site, which is super easy to do - they have social networking profiles available for members, in which you can fill out your bio, add a link to your own site, write a blog on the site, and it will also keep track of any coupons you voted for, comments you've made, any deals that you have submitted - and more!

They also have a very active blog for the main site, that super active members can contribute to.  And they are on Twitter and Facebook and have their links right on the homepage.  And there is a newsletter that you can sign up for so that you don't miss any deals! And there are tons of helpful articles on the site!  It really is a great site!

Ok, so I went shopping around to see what I could find that I needed and let me tell you what! I need a new camera. In a bad way, in fact, it's so bad that some friends have nicknamed me "1972" just in reference to the camera I've been using!!  It's my husband's digital camera from 2002 - it. is. horrible.  Now, to be fair, I do have a nicer camera, but, less than a year after having it - it went kablooey.  Kodak thinks they can fix it for about $100, but, I'm doggoned tired of Kodak software not working with Windows software! That's right - Kodak gives you .mov files and Windows Movie Maker does not work with .mov files. What a pain!

So I started out looking at Sony ecoupons and I found some interesting discounts and coupons.  Once you find one you want to check out, you click the link and it takes you directly to sony and OMG! ya'll! I found the coooooolest camera. And just go ahead and guess what it's called! OMG!!! It's called the "bloggie"!! I'm not even kidding you - this things looks so awesome!! It takes video and stills and the viewfinder flips around so that when you're self-recording, as we bloggers tend to do - you can make sure and get yourself in the shot! I seriously think I might NEEEEED this camera! Coolio!

Now see? See how much fun looking through online coupons can be? I don't know about you, but, I'm pumped!

Here's a quick video from Savings.com explaining the process a little bit more!


Michelle | OnlinePosterPrinting.com said...

Any type of savings would be cool, so a site for mega savings is cooler. It's tough times these days so every penny counts!

Lisa Marie Mary said...

That's for sure! And I love shopping online - so it definitely makes that sweeter, too!

Rox | Reviews Movie said...

I think I'm going to check this out. I happen to like saving. lol Good for tough times.