Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Just A Slow Wednesday

John SchneiderJohn Schneider via

Did you guys ever see the movie, "Eddie Macon's Run"? I knew the little kid that was in it, so of course my friends and I went and saw it. And I think we wound up seeing it quite a few times, actually.

It starred John Schneider (hunka hunka!)[even though I was a 'Luke' kinda girl] and there was a lady in the movie that was helping him out, for seemingly no reason at all. And he kept asking her why she was helping him. And she just kept saying:
It's a slow wednesday.

Well, I don't have a 'hunka hunka' to help out - unless you count going with my hunka hunka hubby to take our daughter to the orthodontist. But let's see - he'll be driving since my toe is broken, he'll be buying dinner, since I'm broke, he'll be paying the ortho. So yeah, that would be a hunka hunka helping me.

But I would say it's a slow Wednesday. It's actually kind of been a slow week for me, with this broken toe and string of headaches.

I'm just sitting around waiting to head to the orthodontist with hubby and daughter, then we have to get back over here and pick up our boys, who are actually PAID musicians today!! In our high school, if you are in the jazz band, you do paid gigs - and that helps fund the band needs. I just love saying that my boys are "Professional Musicians"!

My daughter is trying to squeeze in some baking before we have to go. When that girl gets a hankerin' to bake or cook, there's no stopping her! Yep - my little chef is at it again! She is making some yellow cake muffins. I'm not sure she's really going to have time to finish them before we leave. She was hellbent on starting them, though, so we'll see how it goes.

Ya'll have a groovy evening. I'm gonna check on outta here!

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