Sunday, June 22, 2008

Should The Veterinarian 'Dip'?

We finally got to take my sweet boy - the one on the magazine cover over there - to the doctor for his ear infection. The veterinarian was a really nice guy. The place was sort of run-down, but, his prices are much lower than the vets with the fancy building. Hmm... fancy building - high prices, regular, ordinary, in need of a little repair, sorta like most of the houses we live in building - lower prices. We picked the smarter choice.

The man obviously cares about the animals, that was totally apparent. He worked with us to try to make sure we understood all that he was telling us. He even went so far as to help us clean out Puppy's ears, which took quite a while and made quite a mess - water and soap and such flung everywhere by my sweet boy. LOL

He quizzed me repeatedly to make sure I understood the course of treatment - a little nerve-wracking, as he was giving us a lot of information, but, very thorough and caring of him to do.

So we like the guy, right? You get that, right? Ok.

Well, it was a super casual atmosphere, I hope I've conveyed that. One in which Mark and I are very comfortable. Here's the thing, though. The guy had a dip in his mouth. And he would spit in the trash cans.

Did he take 'casual' too far? Or is this par for the course with small town country doctors? Do you think there would be some kind of health-code violation? I mean, of course, he wouldn't do so in surgery. And we were just cleaning out the dog's ears. What do you think?

I'm undecided. It definitely put us on a more peer-to-peer relationship, which I think was great, considering so many docs and vets are on 'I am God trips'.

But did he go too far? Hmm...


Karen said...

Ewwwwwww-- take it outside during your break, guy!

Lisa said...

Thanks for your input, Karen! I honestly got so confused, because, I was extremely grateful for the relaxed atmosphere that allowed for camaraderie between us and the vet, you know?

Jenna said...

yuck -- sounds pretty unprofessional, regardless of how casual the atmosphere was.