Thursday, September 20, 2007

There is no crying in BASEBALL!

That is one of my very favorite lines from a movie! And I just absolutely loved that movie! You know, A League of Their Own.

And, furthermore, I will have you know that I am not, at this time, or any time, crying.

I'm not. I mean it. I'm really not.

I did not spend thirty minutes bawling today when no one was home, either.

I have not had my sons' approaching birthday weighing heavily on my heart. I surely didn't spend one minute thinking about the fact that on Saturday they turn THIRTEEN and FOURTEEN. Yes, my uterus and I have good timing - can we move beyond that? I really just want you to know that I am not a big, sappy seersucker.

I know, I know - seersucker is a material, but, I like the sound of it, okay?

Today's beautiful, sunny, cool weather was not at all reminiscent of any days after I'd given birth - to anyone. Nope. Not anyone.

I did not feel that same cozy, happy, contented feeling again and then realize how utterly and completely it reminded me of sweet, cozy days at home with a newborn. Or days at home with a newborn and a one year old. Nope - totally didn't remind me of that - not at all.

I surely didn't think of my sons today as they were as infants and toddlers and how completely adorable and cute they were, and then after that, I surely didn't stop to think of how they're voices are changing, hair is growing in places it didn't used to, and adams apples are making their manly appearances.

And I surely, most assuredly did not wonder if I'd have to be medicated just to attend my sons' high school graduations, and I most definitely didn't think that I probably would be incapable of attending their college graduations.

What? What's that you say? W... We... Wed... Wedd....


*head slams into keyboard*

*poor, sweet blogger-mama passes out*


latt├ęgirl said...

Oh you big sucky-poo!

Lisa said...

Hey, at least I did my boohoo'ing while they were at school this time, so they weren't here to laugh at me! Hahaha!

Retta said...

LOL I didn't realize you were having TWO birthdays!!! lol And I thought I was having a rough time, I only have one birthday at a time to contend with.

It's okay mine laugh at me when I get all teary eyed too. What's worse is they can predict it.... LOL

"Mom, what are you crying for, I'm the one that got hurt!" Priceless little snuggle butts that they are.

Lisa said...

Yep, I had the fabu timing with those two! And trust me, they hate it way more than we do! Heck - for us, it's kind of convenient! LOL! The boys and I have had to fight their dad for separate parties - which just started last year - and they loved!!!

And yeah, Sammie so much as hears me sniffle my nose during a movie - and she's convinced I'm crying and she keeps looking over at me, with a smirk on her face!

Monsters - all of them! Ha!

Fireflower said...

Is this how I'm going to feel in a year (and a bit, please Diety)? My second baby is due Feb, the week after my husband's birthday. I'm already not-crying over my precious girl as she's leaving the snuggly toddler stage and galloping headfirst into the ornery toddler stage. I think of little baby feet, and how she used to be just exactly the size of my holly hobbie doll (two years ago! yikes!) and I want to cry.

At least I can blame this month's tears on the hormones.

Lisa said...

I know, every new stage they enter, we mourn the loss of the old stage, don't we? Like - right from the beginning! Ha! Silly sappy mamas!

I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and thanks for stopping in and commenting!