Monday, September 24, 2007

Home theaters are so cool!

Ever since the first time I saw a home theater (in person), I have just loved them! I would love to have one, with some big, comfy chairs, and a nice, dark, cozy room! It would just be the coolest! And having teens and a tween, wouldn't they be the talk of the town? Wouldn't that just be so awesome, to be a teenager, and have a home theater? You know the parties would always be at your house! (Yes, as an adult, that sounds exhausting...) Winking 2 But Mark and I have always welcomed children into our home, ever since they were babies! And to have our house be 'the place to be' when they are in those scary-teenage-could-be-getting-in-trouble years, would suit us just fine. Instead of all the kids being out and about causing trouble, they'll be at our house having fun! And it really helps us to get to know their friends, when their friends hang out over here so much. And that, I think, is very important, too.

Leave it to me to go on parenting soapbox, when I just wanted to talk about home theaters! It would be amazingly cool, though, to have our own theater! And then when the monsters move out, it would all for me and Mark!

I wonder, though, where on earth do you go to buy home theater furniture?


Jason said...

You can have one for under a grand these days...which is crazy. Obviously, you would not have those comfy leather chairs though. ;)

Lisa said...

Wow - that's awesome! :D

Except for the big, comfy chairs!) :(