Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Teenage boys...ugh! Just kill me now!

Look, if I do so well as to survive this oh-so-wonderful period of my parenting years - I want you to promise me that you'll award me some fantabulous award, mmmmkay?

They are for sure wearing me out. And I think I just realized this morning that the worst issue you had with your child during their 'bad toddler' years (be that 2 or 4 years old, or whenever the nightmare was for you and your sweetpea) is pretty much the same issue you will face as God pumps unGodly amounts of hormones through their sweet litte demonic systems!

I'm serious! The exact same issues that I had with Shawn at age four, (ahh, yes, reminds me of a little bugger in Dallas I know)Winking 2 are the ones I am dealing with ON A DAILY BASIS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

Let me give you a good example. This is not quite what happened this morning, but, it's close enough. You don't butter his waffles for him - he's mad at you for not helping him out. You do butter his waffles for him - he's mad at you for doing it wrong.

I know that none of you, least of all Tracy, can relate to this! Not even in the slightest!Winking 2

So it is just this constant, 'Mom's making my life miserable' thing and it is completely exhausting me! It's this constant back and forth - you're supposed to go left, you're supposed to go right, no, no, no - you're just doing it WRONG!

Let me tell you, by the time he got his books and left this morning, I was so fed up! I actually slammed the door after they (the boys) went out to wait for their bus.

And then, sappy me, always thinking - something is going to happen to one of us, and the last words we shared were in anger - I went back outside after a few minutes to say goodbye to them again.

I'll be so glad when we get to that responsible, gentlemanly, deep-voiced, would do anything for his mother, older teenager stage.

Yes, it sounds like a pipe dream - I'm well aware - but, both of my brothers got there. So - it could happen. Rare? Yes, but, it could happen.

Of course, then you know I'll be crying about how I miss my sweet pre-teens!

Sounds like they came by that 'can never be pleased' stuff honestly, eh? Laughing 12

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