Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wonderful dog video has me in tears

You may have already seen this, but, I just stumbled upon it this morning and it absolutely had me in tears. Tears over the wonderful connection between a dog and his person!

Wasn't that just TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! And isn't it funny how we stumble upon stuff online, going from one place to the next? Well, I was reading my email from Squidoo about the lens of the day, went to the lens of the day, then while looking at the commenters on that lens, found one whose name sounded interesting. It was darthvadersmum. Thought to myself, that sounds like a mom of a rowdy four-year old or something, sounds interesting - better go check. I might have a new friend waiting in cyberspace! Come to find out, she's really a mom of a Dane, Great Dane. (Thought I'd say that all Bond-ish and stuff - how'd it come out?) Winking 2

Well, I just happen to love Great Danes. And, of course, we all know I love large dogs. And guess what she makes? Beds for large dogs. Well, you can get them for shrimps, too, if you must. Winking 2
You can check out her cool site at: Bow WOW Beds I've actually been looking for a bed for Lucky. And it is so funny, how at the store, it 'says' large or extra large - but we all know, they mean, large chihuahua or something! Oh Man

Let me tell you, though, if you are on the market for a LARGE dog bed, this lady knows exactly what you're talking about!

And that is where I found that awesome video, on her Squidoo lens! So thank you, darthvadersmum! I've enjoyed my cyber journey with you this morning!

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