Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Police - Classic Rock

It is so cool to have a revival, of sorts, of all the old music that I listened to as a youngster. It seems that more and more of it is resurfacing in remakes of songs and in anniversary projects. The new Police CD is a 30th anniversary album. I have got to get it! It even comes with a really cool vintage The Police poster inside the album. The album is called an Anthology. I don't know why, but, I just love it when they are called that! And it also includes their very first single, 1977's "Fall Out". That's definitely cool, because it kind of brings everything full circle, you know? Very cool, indeed!

Check out this TV spot from the UK about The Police:

It is so cool to have all of this music that I loved be back as 'hot news' - it brings so many memories flooding back! And it's so neat to share it with my kids! On the other hand, though, there is something kind of odd about it. It is almost like my kids are invading my memories, my recollections of my own youth. So it's really cool and it's really weird all at the same time.

But it is definitely awesome to have The Police be a hot topic again! That part is totally awesome!

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