Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Totally awesome new do!

My friend, Kristi, who lives here in Dallas and is one of my Punkymom friends, fixed my hair so freaking awesome! She gave me a razor cut shag with pink tips! It is so amazing, I totally love it! And you know what's funny? One of my very first posts on this blog, maybe even my first post, was a picture of my hair and some new pink highlights that I had put in it! Lemme see... yes, I found it! It was actually my second post - My newest pink highlights!

And of course, I want to post pics of this new do, as well - which is 8,000 times better than that one, but, I don't have camera software here with me. Kristi took a bunch of pics, though, because she was so excited about it! So I'll try to get her to send me a few.

She was so excited about it because, she had seen a hairdresser contest show on TV, and they did this hairstyle and she was really wanting to try it on someone. And then when I told her that I was coming in town, and that I had had my hair cut short, but, it was just heavy on my head, and I wanted her to fix it up, she said to herself, "Oooh, I know just what I am going to do!!" And she did a fabulous job on it!

Of all the times that I've put pink in my hair, my mom never really liked it that much. But this time, she said, "I never thought I would like pink in your hair, but, I it looks really cute and I really like it!!"

My brother even liked it! Now that's funny!

Husband, on the other hand - ahh, he's just a silly goose! Sammie and I were teasing him that he hadn't said anything about my hair and he said, "It's short, why would I say anything?"

1950's goofball!


Jules said...

I can't wait to see the pics!

Ami-chan said...

Looking forward to seeing the new hair! I hope you get pics soon!

Lisa said...

Thanks, ladies - I know, I can't wait to see the pics! I just hope it wasn't too dark in her house!