Monday, May 21, 2007

Will you take me to Hawaii?

I absolutely love looking at Hawaiian vacation packages. I would so love to go there! I am absolutely fascinated by the geography there! And a scene like this is a big reason that I want to go there:
Isn't that just incredible? I'm not sure where exactly that picture was taken, but, I think a good place for me to stay would be the North Shore of Oahu. It sounds like it is very relaxing, and very non-touristy and 'non-resort-y'. I am so not into that. I am into meditating, and enjoying the awesome nature that we have been gifted with. Which is one of the reasons Hawaii is tops on my list to visit! There is no better place for ecotourism, or travel that not only helps out the region to which you've travelled, but, also educates you about the area environmentally. I'm so weird like that, that my favorite places are either giant, bustling cities (that unfortunately, polute the heck out of Mother Earth) and total and complete nature trips. I suppose it is the Gemini in me - you know how twins can fight! And although truly meditating does not require certain surroundings, don't you think a scene like this would certainly help? It takes my breath away just looking at the picture!
Along the same lines of not liking touristy areas, I think a villa would be much nicer to stay in than a hotel. I do like hotels, but, if I'm in Hawaii, I think I would much rather like the privacy of single-family accommodations. I think a lot of people are leaning more towards that type of travel these days. And I hear that Kuaiu is a nature-lovers playground, so couple that with a private villa, and I would just be in Heaven!!
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And wouldn't it just be so amazing to see one of these precious sea turtles in their natural environment? There is just something so spiritual and wise about sea turtles. Is it because they live so long, or is it because they've been around for so long? I don't know - maybe it's a little of both!

I have one friend online that lives in Hawaii, and I've got another online friend who just went to Hawaii for two weeks. And the interesting thing about it is, when I hear them talk about it, I'm not racked with jealousy. Well, not totally. I mostly just soak it up like a sponge - I want to hear every detail that they can possibly tell me! It's funny because, when I hear people talk about other places that I want to visit (like those big, bustling cities) I am so very jealous. But with Hawaii, it's different. Like I have some deep connection with the place. How much you want to bet a whole LOT of people feel that way? Winking 2

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Cass said...

I'd take you to Hawaii, but you'd have to marry me first. And it's only fair to let you know that I've asked several other people, so you have to stand in line.