Friday, May 04, 2007

Tag delinquent

I have been tagged for some great blog meme's lately --- and I haven't followed through with them! *smack-smack* It's ok, I just hit myself for all of you great taggers! (Hey, there's a lot of hitting me going on today, poor me!) Really though, I'm very sorry that I've been so tag delinquent, and I hope you will continue to give me chances to participate in all these fun meme's going around! Gosh, some of them were really cool, too - and my brain concocted the posts a million times, but, life is just so nutty these days, that the posts never actually got typed! There we go, needing that uplink to my brain again! Anyway, meme's are fun and I greatly appreciate those of you that have tagged me, and I promise to try to do better in the future! (And I might just resurrect some of those old ones I missed, because, I really wanted to do them! Don't roll your eyes at me!)

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