Friday, May 18, 2007

Petcare Pet Insurance

I have been thinking about pet insurance a lot lately! My sweet Lucky-boy needs to see the vet and get his shots and get his flea, tick and heartworm renewed. And that is one expensive trip!

And also, with his being a larger dog, I worry about health problems that occur in dogs that grow so big, so fast. I love my sweet baby boy and I would hate for him to need care that I couldn't afford to give him.

With an estimated $10 billion a year spent on pet healthcare in the United States, it is no wonder that people are opting for insurance for their pets, as well as themselves! That is a ton of money! And with all of the recent advancements in veterinary medicine, we are thankfully, able to do more for our pets. But there are significant costs involved, also.

For instance, another one of the things that I worry about over Lucky, is the fact that he has something wrong with his right hip - and has had this issue since Puppyhood. We don't have a definitive answer (that would take Xrays, which are expensive themselves!) but it is more than likely hip dysplasia. And in 2006, PetCare paid claims on treatments for hip dysplasia at about $6000! Yikes! That is awesome for the people that had the dog insurance and got that claim paid, but, what if you didn't have it? There would be no possible way that I could pay for that on my own!

So I know for sure, that at some point in the near future, we will be getting pet health insurance!

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