Monday, April 02, 2007

A free CD burner would rock!

There is a great blog that I read daily, by a very cool internet marketer named James D. Brausch - and he has a groovy giveaway going on! (How's that for some 'awesome alliteration'?) Winking 5 Anyway, back to James...

He has found himself in possession of too many CD burners - and he would like to share the wealth with his readers - so, he is having a contest. We post our reasons for wanting it - and, the reason he likes best - gets it! Gah-roovy!

Those of you who've heard me whining about my computer, could surely answer this one for me easily! I suppose, however, that I better do that myself!

My hard drive crashed in November, and I have since been stuck on my sons' hard drive (about which they are none too happy!). And although I'm super grateful that it's kept me connected to all of you and to my online world, in general, it is a dinosaur running Windows ME. Eeks! I think I will scream if I have to read these words too many more times: 'this program does not support Windows ME'!!

And all of that whining is neither here nor there, the point is that my hard drive did not have a CD burner, so backups were very difficult - and I hope that once I squirrel away the funds for a visit to Dr. Computer, I will be pleasantly surprised to find out that he is able to recover all of my data! You are all welcome to cross your fingers for me on that one!

I am, however, firmly convinced that even if the good doctor is not able to recover my data, that he will be able to restore my machine to a workable state. It could be a pipe dream, I suppose, but, I have a strong feeling about it. Do you think one could be psychically in tune with their own hard drive? Hey! We were really close! It could happen!

And so then, when it does happen, this restoration - I will most definitely need a CD burner, so as not to lose any more precious data, you see?

And that, my friends, is why I would love to receive this wonderful gift of a free external USB CD burner!

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