Friday, April 06, 2007

Blog cleaning has fried my brain

I have been working my little tushie off getting the 'ol Hippie Spelunker looking like I want it! I am not quite there, yet, but, I am close. And I am really happy with what I have done so far. And the best part - I have learned a LOT along the way! I am now able to get into the template and mess with the code! How cool is that? I am loving it!

My brain, however, is totally fried. I have an entire list of things that I have been wanting to share with ya'll and I just cannot wrap my tired brain around any of it.

I suppose I just need an internet break, but, now that it is all prettied up, I just want to post, post, post! So I sit here arguing with myself with a dazed look in my eyes...'just post this topic, nah, I don't feel like it right now, well, then post this topic, nah...I don't feel like it, ad nauseum...."

How much you wanna bet if I would stop being such a freaky weirdo and just go away for a while, I would come back all refreshed and rarin' and ready to tell you all I want to tell you???

I suppose I will sit here being stubborn for a bit longer, though, as I still feel that fight in me. Hopefully soon I will give up, walk away, hang with the kids, do the dishes, walk the dog ....and then come back to be the Blogging Queen that I am!
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