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I got this as a bulletin on MySpace today from a great group that rescues horses:

Hi Everyone -

I am crossposting this from Yahoo to Myspace - last December, there was a mare and some other horses in West Virginia that were starving in a field. No shelter, no food, no water. (just a mudhole that froze when it got cold) Some concerned people got together on the internet, and in the local area, and after much wrangling, and letter writing to officials, and a Peta Action Alert, the horses were finally siezed, and taken to a rescue. Last week, the county magistrate awarded custody of these poor creatures BACK to the people (a term I use loosely in this case) who had starved them in the first place!!!! A concerted effort is underway to try to overturn the local magistrate's ruling. Scroll to the bottom of this bulletin. Before and after pictures are included. And if you can, please take a moment to email, fax or call the below listed persons, and let your voice and concern for these animals' welfare be known. Thanks for all you do for the animals.

Theresa Gray
Grayhorse Ranch

Dear All ~ We are desperate for calls, letters, e-mails, faxes. If something doesn’t give pretty soon – the Lewis County horses could be returned next week. This would be a terrible sentence. It has taken thousands of dollars and a world of good care to save their lives. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW THESE HORSES TO GO BACK TO THE WILLIAMS.

Governor Manchin is on schedule for tomorrow a.m. (Monday). Calls please. They’re taking names and keeping count. Also – the county commissioners – see below – have sway over the magistrate. Contact appreciated. Moody hung up on me, though I was very professional and reasonable, etc. The prosecutor refused – not for the first time – to return my call.

About my signature: I pointed out that I am a West Virginian and a horse woman, rather than an “animal rights activist”, because we’ve been called “animal rights terrorists” by the Lewis County authorities. We must take care to point out that we are HORSE PEOPLE period. When I heard the term “terrorist” thrown out, my ears perked up. You all know the reason for this.

Toll-Free: 1-888-438-2731 | Email: Governor@WVGov. org


Many thanks.
**************************************************** (Sheriff Gissy) (Joseph Wagoner – Prosecuting Attorney) (Gary McNair – WBOY) (Aaron Williams – WBOY) (Dr. Starcher – Animal Protection, Charleston ) (Dr. Plumley – Assistant to Dr. Starcher) (another assistant to Starcher) (Governor Joe Manchin)
Lewis Co Sheriff
Mike Gissy
PO Box 150
Weston, WV 26452
Ph 304-269-8245
Fax 304-269 8202
Lewis Co Prosecuting Attorney
Joseph Wagoner
Lewis County Courthouse
PO Box 686
Weston, WV 26452
Ph 304-269-8240
Fax 304-269-8250
Lewis County Commissioners

Lewis County Courthouse
PO Box 466
Weston, WV 26452
Ph 304-269-8201
Fax 304-269-2416

Lewis County Magistrate
Dan Moody
111 Court St
Weston, WV 26452
Ph 304-269-8232

Sent: 16 March 2007 07:07

Importance: High

Dear Sirs:

The magistrate, Dan Moody of Lewis County , dropped charges against Wanda Williams. The law was not upheld. Who is the magistrate accountable to? I have been advised, by attorneys spoken to last evening, that Magistrate Moody broke the law. It is fact that the magistrate had already ruled on the case and THEN agreed to rehear it. But he didn't rehear it. This is unacceptable and it is not justice.

The truth can be attested to by a multitude of people. Many horsemen/women (NOT animal rights terrorists) gave their time and put forth a world of effort, to do what was right. Countless West Virginians worked to save these horses. Crossed Sabers Stables put forth time, energy and much money to bring the horses into good health. For what? For the Lewis County authorities to return them to the irresponsible people who starved them?

Why do we have laws, if charges can be dismissed without witnesses being allowed to testify? This is what happened yesterday in Weston. Wanda Williams did not care for her horses. Neglect to the point of abuse was painfully apparent. And Wanda Williams has a history of horse neglect. Ms. Williams should never be allowed to have horses in her care, for the good of the animals.

Please see attached photos. You will clearly see that the horses have done exceptionally well, with proper care. How did you reach your decision, with these pictures to view and witnesses to testify, though testimony was not allowed? I believe the vet said that it would be better to euthanize the horses, rather than send them back to Wanda Williams. The scheduling of a second and unnecessary hearing was the decision of the magistrate, Mr. Moody. Why this was done is unknown. If the hearing had been conducted, as planned, you would have heard a story that would have forced you to take the right and honorable decision. It took a three month campaign to bring these horses out of abysmal circumstances. It took many more months to heal the horses. You obviously took neither the horses nor the effort put worth, on behalf of the horses, into consideration.

Please see the pictures at the bottom of this page. The mare was bred back three times, each time only nine days after having delivered a foal. Her age had nothing to do with her appearance, though a mare of 20 should not have been bred three years running. Out of 36 months, she spent three months and 27 days not in foal. Shocking, isn’t it, and highly irresponsible. Neglect had everything to do with the mare’s emaciated state, along with having a starving foal on her for many months beyond the time for weaning. You see the distinct difference in the mare’s appearance, after enjoying shelter, blankets, a proper diet, enough water, vet care and attention by a farrier. Both the mare and her foal were extremely dehydrated, upon arrival at Crossed Sabers. They drank continually for a few weeks and the mare continues to drink more than any horse in the barn. On a recent warm morning her blanket was removed, but it had to be put on again. She shivered. She shivered because of the exposure to the elements she suffered at the hands of Wanda Williams.

Justice was not served. Fair mindedness played no role in the decision handed down yesterday. The mare was given care in the nick of time, when she was delivered to Crossed Sabers. In all likelihood, she would not have survived the lengthy period of severe winter weather. And if she had not survived, her foal would have died, too. The other horses were nearly as susceptible.

What happened in Weston today was a travesty! The Williams couple admitted on WBOY that they could not afford proper care. They do not know how to provide it and they would not take care if money and knowledge were not lacking. And yet you returned these horses to them. As long as the law is not enforced, West Virginia can expect a world of such cases. And with every case, please do expect bad publicity. We deserve it.

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(Before picture on the day of arrival 12/13/06, 90 days ago)

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Today - 3/13/07 - losing all her rescue hair and really starting to fill out. When all that 'rescue hair' falls out she'll have a beautiful roan coat underneath

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Filly on arrival - December 13, 2006

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Filly - 3/13/07 - turning into a brut, big girl, it’s hard to see but the foal has really grown and filled out, she is almost as big as her mom now, such a sweetie

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Black yearling filly on arrival 12/13/06

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Black yearling filly - 3/13/07 Remember - they had their thick winter coat upon arrival and they have been under blankets and sheets when temps are below 40 but she is growing like a baby should and really starting to looking like a horse, turning bay, very athletic

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Midnite on arrival 12/13/06

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Midnite today - 03/13/07 - he's a bit of a mud bog (loves to roll and won't keep a blanket on) but you can see he is not sunken in at the flanks anymore, more fleshy and not full of worms now, it was over cast today and if the sun would have been out, he would have had even a brighter shine as his coat condition is getting there, Mr. Personality

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Bay filly on arrival 12/13/06 - full of worms and very stunted growth, covered in winter/rescue hair

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3/13/07 - Not fat, by any means but she's really grown, which is probably hard to see, nice hair coming out and starting to get muscled up. Not huge changes, mostly just in height and hair condition (loss of that wormy belly) but she is pretty active, sweet sweet girl

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More of Emily Today - What a difference 90 days of food and care will do for a horse, and a judge has awarded Emily and all the others back to the people who starved and did not care for them in the first place!!!! PLEASE CALL, WRITE, EMAIL, TO LET THEM KNOW THAT THE WORLD IS WATCHING - AND THESE PEOPLE DON'T DESERVE ANOTHER CHANCE TO KILL THESE HORSES - THE HORSES DESERVE A CHANCE TO FIND AN OWNER WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF THEIR NEEDS, AND TREAT THEM AS PETS - NOT PARK THEM IN A FIELD TO STARVE!!!!

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