Thursday, March 22, 2007

Supercuts a la Lisa

I have done it again, folks. I have a long history of this behavior ...occasionally with uber cool results (ok, that was once) ....sometimes with 'workable' results ...and quite often, unfortunately, with rather unfortunate results.

Yes, I have cut my own hair.

I had to - I was getting so sick of the stringy, dried out hair that gets finer and finer the longer it gets!!!

I just could not take it one more day! And unfortunately, this is one of those times with rather unfortunate results. Hahaha! It is VERY, VERY crooked!

The funny part is, even in its crooked state - it looks so much better! How sad is that?

And the lucky part is - Cousin Kim (our family hairdresser - God love her!) is coming over Sunday for Mark's and Granny's joint birthday party. I'll just have to remind her to bring her scissors before she comes!

So I'm sitting here typing with curlers in my hair - they are wiggling and jiggling all over my head! I thought I'd see how my new, shorter hair looked curled up a bit.

I even put some of that, what do you call it? Paint? Oh - I know! Makeup - yeah, I put some makeup on my face - just for the heck of it.

When I'm all done with all this silly girl primpin' stuff, maybe I'll even take a picture.

Funny - I'm primpin' up my blog and primpin' up myself all on the same day!

(Yeah, please excuse the condition of the Hippie Spelunker - she's a gettin' primped!)


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you're saying...been there done that. It's like you can't leave it for one more second, no time to make an appointment I need this cut NOW

LOL atleast you have a hairdresser in the family!!

Lisa said...

I know, how lucky am I? heehee