Friday, March 23, 2007

Summer's coming!!

Summer's coming!! I'm so excited! The kids have been having fun with friends on Spring Break - the weather has just been beautiful!

The other day they Running Through A Sprinkler - they did get chilly after a while, though. So then they rolled the hoses back up and laid out in the sun on the driveway with the dog. I took a picture of the little creeps out the kitchen window! Heehee - it was so sweet! Makes me happy for them, makes me long for my time as a kid on those lazy summer days, makes me happy to be a part of their lazy (not quite summer) days...a million swirling emotions, but, mostly happy ones - I just love summer!! (And no, I don't want you to remind me of this post in a couple months when I'm complaining that it's too hot, but, thanks!)
It was so awesome to see and hear - I love those sounds ...those sounds of summer!

The crickets are already singing, the locusts, whatever all those little critters are out there singing at night!

We saw grasshoppers and dragonflies and bees (eek! I'm scared!) and even FIREFLIES!!!! I love fireflies!!

Maybe Spring Break is summer's appetizer. Heehee

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