Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nitro, baby!

Is that baby HOTT, or what?! I love these things - they are gas-powered nitro remote control trucks and they are BAD to the bone! They can go up to 40mph, and the off-road ones can go up and down almost any surface - climb small dirt hills, rocks, grass, gravel - you name it! These babies flip over and just keep going! Just about the only way to stop them, so it seems, is to land them belly-up - like a turtle!

There were some folks in my mom's neighborhood with one - and they are awesome! The nitro gas makes 'em rev up really loud - even after we went back in the house from watching, we were still hearing them!

Yep - along with real trucks, I love RC Trucks, too. And I know - that is so un-hippie of me to be so in love with such gas-guzzlin' fools, but, I just can't help it! It just is a part of who I am. This is one case where 'almost a hippie' really does apply! LOL!!

Just check out the Radio Control Toy Store, and watch a video or two, and you will be just as enthralled as I am!


Anonymous said...

cool man. those nitro rc trucks rock. I want one.

Lisa said...

I know - they do totally ROCK!!! :D