Friday, March 23, 2007

My new hair...

Ok, so here are a couple of pics of my new haircut and my primping yesterday. First - my closeup smiley face:

Now this one shows you better the length of my hair, which will be shorter once Cousin Kim gets my horrible hairdressing faux paus dealt with! LOL! It didn't really even curl up that much, and what little it did curl was completely flat in about 15 minutes! Pitiful, I tell you, pitiful. I have got to get some more of those steam rollers - regular rollers do no good for climates like Texas and Alabama. Maybe in Colorado - but, not in this den of humidity!

This last one was funny - the very second before the shutter clicked, a wind blew by, and gave me a funny mustache! (Except that it's on my lip, quite literally.) It reminds me of some villainous cartoon character whose name escapes me...

Now ya'll are so sick of me, I won't even be able to participate tomorrow oops, I mean, Sunday - (today feels like Sat.) in Cass' Self-Portrait Sunday! HA!

(Just kidding, Cass - I'll try to squeeze it in during my crazy in-law home invasion!! [Hubby's 44th birthday and Granny's 85th birthday - and the whole crew is coming here - oh joy.])
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