Saturday, March 10, 2007

My boy ROCKS the house!!!!

Oh yeah, oh yeah!! My rockin' trombonist kickin' some buttocks today in the band competition!

It is his first year playing, and he picked a very hard Mozart song (especially for a first year) for his solo - and the judges scored him a '1' and were very impressed with his mastery of that song so early in his musical career!!!!!!

So - he got a medal for that....

Then - he played an ensemble with two of his friends. They have been practicing hard for weeks for this thing! When they first started playing together, one of the kids suggested a song at the beginning of the book - and Shawn told them, "No, that's too easy, we need to pick a harder song." And they agreed.
Band 2

And they got a '1' for their ensemble, too!! Oh yeah!!!! Momma's happy! They did so great!

Here's my little superstar:
Ok, look, I may be his mother - but, that kid is CUTE!



LaDonna said...

Congrats to your son. What awesome news!

Lisa said...

Thank you, LaDonna!! I thought it was totally awesome, too! :)

Jules said...

Oh CONGRATULATIONS! Great pictures also :)

Lisa said...

Thank you, Jules!!! :)