Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More on Barcelona...

After having made that sponsored post about the neat hotels in Barcelona yesterday, I thought it was interesting that I stumbled upon this neat blog full of pics of Barcelona this morning.

The blog is called Barcelona Photoblog and it really has some amazing pictures!

The more I find out about this place, the more I am convinced I need to stuff myself in my mom's suitcase and hitch a ride with her!

One of the more recent posts is a beautiful picture of flowers that piqued my interest more ways than one. I am just starting to notice the little blossom here and there of springtime around here, and that has me so excited. And these are almond tree flowers - which I have never seen before, so that was really neat to see. I just love the coral color in their center and I love almonds - so now I love their blossoms, as well!

What a great blog - and how ironic that I found it this morning in my online travels!

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