Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What am I grateful for?

For those of you grammarians out there, you can make that - for what am I grateful? If it so pleases you, of course. ;)

I was tagged for this meme by two of my favorite bloggers, Colleen and Skeet. Thank you, ladies!

I am supposed to share three things that I am grateful for in my life today. (Like how I avoided that silly preposition business that time? hehe)

1. Sobriety - Without my sobriety, I wouldn't have anything. Well, I might have a few things - a hangover, jailtime, a lovely required stay at Terrell State Hospital. Those just aren't the kinds of things I want in my life today! I have the family, hubby with a truck, housewife-life, small town living I've always wanted - and I have that only, ONLY, because of my sobriety. And for that, I am truly grateful.

2. God - Quite often, over coffee, I hear alcoholics debating over what should come first on your list - God or sobriety as your most important, what you're most grateful for, etc - Well, for me, it's simple - when I'm drinking, popping X, and what have you - I turn my back on God. So without sobriety, I can't have the relationship - fully - that I have with God today. So yes, sobriety comes first, but, I am extremely grateful for the depth of the relationship that I have with God today.

3. Family - Dang now, why ya'll got ta make me cry here? Gah! I have the sweetest, smartest, and cutest little family - I love them very, very much! And I am so grateful for each of them! And I am so grateful for our extended families, too!

Ok, so there are my top three - now, I need to tag some people!

I'll pick Kim, Gina, and Cat. Come on, girls - tell us what you are grateful for! :)

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Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks for the kind words on Bestest Blog. :)

You're a sweetie. Great blog too, by the way.